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Thinking About Moving to the Cloud?

Four Steps to Move to the Cloud Are you thinking about upgrading your accounting system? You're probably wondering what first steps should be taken? First off, make sure you know the inner workings of your legacy system. How did you organize your records? Secondly,...

Learn From Danny Devito

Photo courtesy of QuickBooks. Backing You Now in its second year, Intuit's Backing You campaign has partnered with comedian Danny Devito to motivate small business owners to get on top of their books. The campaign showcases real small business owners getting tips from...

Ohio Takes the Lead With Bitcoin

In 2016, New Hampshire tired to pass a bill to accept bitcoin as a tax payment but it was heavily denied at a rate of 264 to 74. In early 2018, Arizona tried to do the same thing but it was also shot down. Georgia is also trying to accept cryptocurrency for tax...

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