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Secret Santa’s Secret Is Revealed at the Andrews Wing-Ding

Santa’s secret has been safe since the beginning of November. That’s when everyone drew names to become their lucky Andrews office mate’s Secret Santa. And Friday, December 22, all was revealed.

Kela loved her sweater from Taryn, and was almost equally excited by the cool box it came in.

Likewise, Debra loved her sweater from Emma.

Debra is gleeful in anticipation of her gift of a new infinity scarf to Cat.

Taryn gets ready to open not one, but TWO necklaces from Les.

Diedra was happy with her towel set from Cat…

… and was thrilled with her long-coveted FIestaware gift box.

And speaking of long-coveted, Emma was over the moon about her mushroom planter from Jeri.

Erik – and Erik’s dentist – were both pleased with the giant box of candy curated by Kela.

And he’s intrigued by the Special Edition Toxic Waste candy.

And can you tell Les is pleased with his Hama Hama Oyster sweatshirt from Erik?

And unfortunately we didn’t get a photo of Jeri opening her gift (a visit to a smash room followed by a spa treatment) from the whole crew, but here’s a bonus photo of her from Halloween 🙂

We hope Santa brings you your heart’s desire this holiday season!


If you want to find Santa Claus on radar, use the NORAD Santa Tracker!

This is what we do when we’re not decking the halls.