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The Crew Draws On the Movie Classic for Halloween 2023

Halloween 2023 brought a playful mood as Andrews Accounting used the classic film Toy Story for costume inspiration.

As always, the entire office dressed up, then visited our neighboring offices to go “treat or treat-ing.” That is, we all make goodies at home, then bring them down here to our Squalicum Harbor office to hand out door to door.

So, without further ado, here’s a look at our Halloween 2023 toy chest.

Halloween 2023 Les as Woody
Les dressed up as our hero Woody

Erik as Buzz Lightyear
And Erik was our other hero, Buzz Lightyear

Halloween 2023 Jeri as Mrs. Potato Head
But here’s our TRUE hero, Jeri, dressed as Mrs. Potato Head

Debra as Jessie
Debra wrangles and channels Jessie

Kela Rex Halloween2023
Oh no – Rex swallowed Kela!

Cat knows the whereabouts of all Bo Peep’s sheep

Halloween 2023 Diedra as Etch A Sketch
Diedra is fast on the draw with her Etch A Sketch costume.

Halloween 2023 Taryn as Jessie
Taryn gives us double-barreled Jessies

Emma as Gabby Gabby
Emma leaps ahead to Toy Story to portray villainous Gabby Gabby


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