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We’ve Decked the Halls (Even if We Don’t Have Actual Halls)

The office elves were a little slow to start your holidays, but once they got going, they couldn’t be stopped.

Leading the way, head elf Emily.

Emily hears those jingle bells – and she’s got two sets of ears to do it with!

Cat and Les begin the first of 263 trips around the tree to string the lights on it.

1,456 strings of lights plugged together makes the Andrews tree the shiniest in all the land!

And in the grand Andrews Accounting tradition, Jeri yells, Start your holidays! Then sits back and cracks the whip to get the elves in gear. By the way, Cat’s sweatshirt reads “Too Lit to Quit!”

Sadly, Kela, Emma and Erik were out of the office. A doctor’s excuse is the only thing saving them from the Naughty list! But we know they join in with the rest of us to wish you the happiest of holidays!


This is what we do when we’re not decking the halls.