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Les Snuck Out of the Office as Tax Season Started

Co-workers Quiety Hate Him

Where in the world is accountant Les? Well, now he’s back in the office. But last week he snuck off to Mexico, traveling all around southern Baja.

Why did everyone let him do it? Well, he played the birthday card. (Birthday card – get it?)

And if the winter drear is getting you down, here are some pics to take you away. At least mentally.

There’s the culprit – Les – standing on the latitude line denoting the Tropic of Cancer.

Walking along the Sea of Cortez in La Paz.

They rarely need umbrellas in Todos Santos, so they hang them from the roofs.

Dinner at Vela in Los Cabos.

Dancers at a plaza art fair in Cabo San Lucas.

Proof of birthday (February 14)!

Finally, a little Mexican zen…


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This is what we do when we’re not on vacation.