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Celebrating Jeri’s Birthday, and Our First Office Baby!

Occasions for celebration – cue “The Circle of Life” music!

It was all dancing and carrying on last week, as we beat the drum for Jeri’s birthday! Plus a visit from our first office baby and his mom Julia. We put the drum away while he was here – he was snoozing.

Occasions for Celebration, Part I: Jeri’s Birthday!

First off, the whole office went out to lunch to fete Jeri. Funny how she doesn’t seem to age. As usual, she tried to pay for everyone. But we were able to outmanuver her and pick up the check.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the restaurant belonging to one of our clients – Homeschool BBQ. Their motto: We’ll Smoke Anything. We chowed down on yummy biscuit sandwiches (including smoked brisket and pulled pork), and mac and cheese. Good stuff!

L-R: Cat, Diedra, Jeri, Erik, Emma, Les, Debra and Taryn. We missed Kela!

To mark the occasion, the gang gave Jeri a special pair of plant-themed sneakers. Plus a gift certificate for a night on the town!

Occasions for Celebration, Part II: A Visit from Julia and Son!

As well, Andrews Accountant Emeritus Julia Ekkelkamp came for a visit with her babe-in-arms boy.

Maybe everyone thinks all babies are beautiful, but you have to admit this fella is downright adorable.

The kid stayed asleep and looked precious the entire time he was here. Mom had to stay awake, unfortunately. For the past seven months, she’s been pretending it’s the height of tax season and missing out on a lot of quality time in bed.

An informal poll of the office revealed that outside of Julia’s, we’re not likely to have a fresh baby from any of the rest of us soon.


Our accountant-in-waiting was born in the Year of the Rabbit.

This is what we do when we’re not celebrating like mad.