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Late-Working Accountants Finish One-Third of Tasks at Night

Late-Working Accountants

When it comes to finishing tasks, late-working accountants are burning the candle at both ends. Software maker Numeric reported recently that among bean counters, 34 percent finish their month-end closing tasks after 7 pm.

The report also showed that Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the most productive days for accountants. That’s when they finish nearly 75 percent of their tasks. Hump Day and TGIF, it turns out, aren’t quite as productive.

Big Accounting Firm Audit Misses Massive Fraud.

Forbes magazine reports that Big Four accounting firm Deloitte performed an audit of a Nigerian corporation and inaccurately validated the company’s claim of big money in the bank. The accountants certified that Nigeria-based Tingo Group had $462 million on deposit. The actual figure, according to the SEC, was closer to $50. The bombshell news had a huge impact on financial marketsm as short-sellers of Tingo had a field day. Hey, maybe a dog ate the rest of the money, like this family pet.

Side Workers May Be Employees

The Labor Department issued a new rule that went into effect that states millions of gig workers, janitors, home-care workers, construction workers and truckers could be considered employees rather than independent contractors. The federal office announced the rule this week. The new standard may force employers to extend employee benefits to workers currently used as independent contractors. Those benefits include minimum wage, overtime pay, unemployment insurance and Social Security benefits. The rule takes effect March 11.

Pay Your Taxes Even If Your Work Is Illegal

A former Wall Street accountant turned sex worker is teaching others in her profession how to file their taxes, according to an article in the Washington Post. She advises her pupils on deductions, and tells them that simply filing their taxes will not get them arrested. The report serves as a reminder that the IRS says you must pay taxes on “all income, from whatever source derived.”


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