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Les’s Birthday and Valentine’s Day Combine for a Love Fest

The Les Birthday Fest comes in February every year. How many years? Well, we have access to state-of-the-art calculators and computers and software in our office. But no one here can count that high.

But one thing you can count on is Valentine’s Day, which arrives the same day as the day of Les’s birth. This year Les was out of town for both his birthday and Valentine’s Day, but we still managed to have a mid-February Feast of Love Fest. And that was despite some envy for where Les was going (sunny Mexico).

Everyone (except the dogs) gathered at Zeek’s Pizza (where Debra’s birthday was originally slated a few weeks before, but circumstances demanded a chance of venue). Just like Debra’s birthday, though, some revelers went for pineapple on their pizza. Les held strong to his beliefs, pooh-poohing pineapple and making a face at it.

Instead, he crafted an order of prosciutto, goat cheese, shiitake mushrooms and basil. And then he had to fight off his co-workers from eating all of it. In keeping with the love fest theme, everyone loved it. Except Jeri, who has horror stories about growing up with goats. Ask her about them sometime.

And now we’re back at work, and Les is back from Mexico. So enjoy the weird selfie/panorama, and celebrate love in all its forms. Especially pizza!


Seriously, Zeek’s Pizza opened just a little while ago in Bellingham, but they quickly became a favorite.

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