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Debra’s Birthday Involves a Raging Controversy!

Debra’s birthday arrived on Monday, and a fun celebration came with it! But answers to a delicate question also came along for a ride.

The Delicate Question

What was the delicate question? It wasn’t anything about Debra’s birthday – like how old is she, for instance.

Let’s just be clear – you want your accountant to be intelligent, right? Well, no one in our office is stupid enough to ask somebody how old they are. Debra is old enough to vote now, OK? And she’s a college graduate. Let’s move on.

No, our delicate question involves pizza.

Coconut Kenny’s

Debra’s birthday, Debra’s choice. So, we held our celebration lunch at Coconut Kenny’s. For those who haven’t been to Coconut Kenny’s, well – you must not have lived in Bellingham long, have you? Coconut Kenny’s is a tropical-themed restaurant featuring delicious pizzas and sandwiches. Pizzas like the Hawaiian and the Big Kahuna. And sandwiches like the King Mahalo and the Maui Cheesesteak.

And now we get to our controversy – does pineapple belong on pizza? Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey gives an emphatic no! The president of Iceland vetoes it. But 11 percent of people in the US say it’s their favorite pizza topping.

The Office Vote

It turns out an overwhelming number of Andrews team members are pro-pineapple. Jeri, Debra, Taryn and Jessica all had pineapple pizzas. Diedra abstained by having a salad, but says she like the fruity topping on pizza. Julia couldn’t be there, but says she doesn’t care for it. Les says he hates pineapple pizza, or any kind of sweet and savory mixed together. But his favorite is anchovy pizza, so consider the source.

The Important Thing

The important thing is that we celebrated Debra’s birthday! And she can vote in the next election!


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