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We Have a Happy Halloween Adventure with the Accountant in Wonderland

Happy Halloween! We try to keep the spirit of Halloween (ooh – spirits! scary!) alive year ’round here at Andrews Accounting. I mean, have you seen the mountain of candy we keep on our coffee table? But on October 31st, we go whole hog.

Every year we vote on a theme for the office. Then we all dress up to match the theme. Past favorites include the Addams Family, and the always popular Death. Next, the night before the anticipated Happy Halloween (All Hallows Eve Eve), we all make homemade treats. This year those included Jeri’s raspberry bars, Taryn’s chocolate chip cookies, Les’s chocolate-dipped macaroons, and Diedra’s black-and-white cupcakes, among other goodies.

Then we go door-to-door to our neighbors and play “Treat or Treat.” Yup, the idea is to GIVE treats instead of ask for them. And, well, you know, show off our costumes.

This Year’s Theme: Alice in Wonderland

This year we chose characters from Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s book, Alice in Wonderland. So on to the costumes!

Now, you might expect the first photo to be of Alice. But not when the Red Queen (Jeri) is around!

Happy Halloween from the Red Queen.
When Her Majesty the Red Queen threatens “Off with their heads!” you’d better listen.

Now we have little Alice (Diedra), who didn’t drink anything suspicious this time, and stayed just the right size.

Alice wishes you Happy Halloween!
Alice, getting ready to crunch numbers in Wonderland!

Next up is the Cheshire Cat (Taryn). She hasn’t disappeared to her smile yet – first she has to flash her claws.

You can’t see it, but the Cheshire Cat is swishing her tail.

Then of course the guy who wears a hat all the time has to be the Mad Hatter (Les).

He’s probably Mad because his jacket is all wrinkled!

The Dormouse (Debra) is ready for a nice tea party.

No lumps for the tea, please!

The White Rabbit (Cat) may be late, but only fashionably so.

The White Rabbit appears to have borrowed the watch from Flavor Flav.

But WE were late getting to the Caterpillar (Kela) – she’s already turned into a butterfly!

The Caterpillar has moved beyond larval stage, and doesn’t smoke anymore, either.

Did You Have a Happy Halloween?

Let us know in the comments. But if you didn’t, drop by next Halloween – we’ll save some treats for you!


YouTube has the oldest film version of Alice in Wonderland, made in 1903!

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