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Even Though We’re Busy, It’s Dead Around Halloween Here

It was definitely dead around Halloween last Friday, when Andrews Accounting celebrated Spooky Season! As we do every year, we visited our neighbors down here at the Harbor and did Treat or Treat. That’s right – we don’t threaten tricks and we don’t ask for treats. We bring the treats to YOU!

Julia really exemplified the theme by dressing up as a coffin. With her short little steps and tiny eyeholes, she definitely needed an escort as we went door to door.

Dead on Halloween - Julia as a coffin
It’s hard to recognize her – she looks taller, doesn’t she? – but Julia is the walking coffin.

Taryn was the title character from the 2005 movie The Corpse Bride.

Dead on Halloween - Taryn as the Corpse Bride
Her corpse is so cold, it turned Taryn’s hair blue!

Diedra’s ghost was a haunting presence.

Dead on Halloween - Diedra as a ghost
Diedra really needs to get more sun.

Then there was our quartet of skeletons.

Dead on Halloween - Mike as a skeleton
Mike as a subdued skeleton from the Minimalism movement.

Jessica as a skeleton
All skeletons grin, but Jessica looks like she’s having a good time!

Debra as a skeleton
A young skeleton, Debra still has some of her organs!

Les as a skeleton
Poor Les – still near-sighted in death. But he does have a double set of hips!

And then there was the ghoulish Jeri, who as usual presides over the whole crew.

Dead on Halloween - Jeri as a ghoulish bride
No sign of Jeri’s uniquely recognizable laugh here!

We hope your Halloween was as fun as ours! We always have more than enough treats left over, so come on down to the Andrews Accounting office next year and grab some for yourself! You don’t even have to worry about extra calories. After all, look at us. Some of us aren’t even skin and bones – just bones!


Last year the Andrews family was the Addams Family.

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