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Our Visit to Tidal Vision

Last week, we had the honor of touring the Tidal Vision office and production facilities.

Tidal Vision
Taryn, Jeri, Flower, and Craig (CEO of Tidal Vision)

What Does Tidal Vision Do?

They reduce waste to encourage sustainable fisheries. This is done by upcycling crab shells (an otherwise discarded seafood byproduct) into a biopolymer called chitosan, then they provide chitosan solutions for a range of industrial problems. They are also are the only company that uses a process which fully utilizes crab shells.

What is Chitosan?

“Chitosan is a versatile biopolymer with 400+ established applications in industries such as water treatment, textiles, agriculture, and many more. Chitosan is biodegradable, biocompatible, and non-toxic and replaces many synthetic, often toxic, chemicals in industrial applications.”

For example, when Tidal-Tex is applied to the surface of a textile, “chitosan prevents the growth of bacterial and fungal microorganisms.” Additionally, the company’s water treatment product line is used to remove toxins, such as heavy metals and hydrocarbons, from more than 200 million gallons of stormwater per month! 


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