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The End of Tax Day Promises the Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!

The end of Tax Day came earlier this year than the last two years. That’s because Tax Day was earlier than the last two years! But we look for the silver linings – or in this case the rainbows – where we can.

But just because it’s the end of tax day, it’s not the end of tax preparation. Some tax papers showed up a little late in the game, so we filed extensions. And we’ll be working on those in the days (OK, maybe weeks, but hopefully not months) ahead. And if you’ve been our client in the past but we didn’t hear from you yet, we filed an extension for you anyway – just in case.

Do we go on vacation immediately after Tax Day? Well… no. There are other important jobs – like filing all the quarterly payroll as well as state revenue taxes – that also happen in April. But in our minds, the sun is out!


Today, 4/20, is also a special day for some other people, who see a pot at the end of the rainbow.

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