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Every Day is Take Your Dog to Work Day Here

Every year, the Friday following Father’s Day is Take Your Dog to Work Day. In 2021 it falls on June 25, and we’re ready. If you come to our office, you’ll see we have dogs here every day!

They put in a hard day’s work, too. Emmy rushes to greet you and swear her eternal devotion to you. Zuzu will announce your arrival, and also loudly warn you about any strange dogs outside, or dangerous-looking leaves.

Zuzu On the Job

Why You Should Celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day, Too

When Pet Sitters International started the first Take Your Pet to Work Day in 1999, they had a few goals in mind. One, to inspire coworkers to adopt dogs, too, after meeting your furry friend. And the dogs, who often spend every day alone, get to spend special time with their favorite humans. Not to mention all the new people they’ll make soon make friends with.

Dogs Provide Special Benefits

Numerous studies have shown dogs can benefit your health. First and foremost, petting any dog is shown to greatly reduce stress. That translates into lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and higher levels of serotonin and dopamine (which positively affect mood). Petting your own dog can cause the release of oxytocin in both of you. That’s the same chemical that bonds parent and child, and it promotes social bonding, relaxation and trust.

That’s not all. Dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression. Heart attack patients with dogs survive longer than those without dogs. And dog owners over 65 have 30-percent fewer doctor visits! Dogs can encourage you to walk and exercise more, and that can lead to meeting new people (there’s a lot of dog fans out there).

Planning for Fido’s Big Day

If you decide to bring your canine companion to work, you’ll want to make some preparations. First, make sure it’s OK with the boss! You may want to pack a bag with a favorite toy, water bowl and treats to bring along. And if the visit is a success, you may want to bring your furry friend with you every day!


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