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Do You Find Taxes Stressful? You’re Not Alone!

A survey conducted by TaxSlayer, a tax prep software, found that 52% of taxpayers find filing season stressful.

What is stressful?
-Collecting the right tax documents
-Understanding tax laws
-The uncertainty of the results

Luckily for taxpayers in the Bellingham area, Andrews Tax Accounting can sooth these key points of stress.

We provide a variety of services. If you stress about tax forms, we can mail them directly to you or you can come to pick them up in the office.

If you have trouble with tax laws, you can consult our blog which has numerous posts about the effects of the new laws. Another option is calling or emailing us!

Lastly, you can also meet with us before filing to get an idea of what you owe or don’t owe.

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