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Another Stimulus Check?

Now that we are in July, a discussion of another round stimulus check has been circulating. Remember, back in June, Congress hinted that talks of another check would have to wait until July.

What Changes We Might See?

  1. An extension of unemployment benefits past July 31st
  2. Another round of stimulus checks with a lower cut off for yearly income
    • The previous stimulus checks went to taxpayers with income up to $75,000 a year ($150,000 for couples)
  3. Lowering payroll taxes

A Side Note

Being that tax season just ended you maybe wondering what to do with your return? Our advice, scan your return and create a file for all of your returns, then all that paper won’t take up any space. On average,it is good to keep your tax return for 3-7 years after it is complete or after the tax payment is made.


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