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IRS Warns of New Social Security Scam

The IRS recently released another tax scam warning for taxpayers, just in time for Halloween. This time scammers will call you and claim they will suspend or cancel your social security number if you do not comply. By comply, I mean things like paying an overdue bill (to someone other than the US Treasury) or revealing private information to the scammer.

How Can You Tell a Phone Call is a Scam?

The caller demands immediate payment. The scammer threatens you with law enforcement groups if you do not comply. The caller does not answer any questions about why taxes need to be paid. Also, the scammer will not answer any questions about why personal information needs to be given to them. Lastly, the only way the IRS will contact you is through the mail (unless you contacted them first via the phone or some other means).


More details from the IRS.

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