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Santa Shortage Means Kids May Lack a Lap to Sit On

Santa Shortage? That’s right. Santa Claus is real – real scarce!

According to an article from Small Business Trends, the Santa Claus supply is drying up in the face of increased demand. HireSanta is an agency that books the red-suited merry makers for holiday parties and store visits. The owner says demand at his company for Santa visits is up more than 100 percent over 2020. One factor driving up demand may be the hunger to return to normality after last year’s less-than-festive first pandemic Christmas.

Why the Santa Shortage

There are built-in hazards of relying on hiring jolly old elves (with emphasis on the old) for your workforce. For one thing, elderly fellows with white beards are prone to entering retirement. For another, well, uh, they also tend to go to that big mall in the sky. HireSanta’s owner says he’s had 335 Santas pass away this year alone.

What to Do

HireSanta says weekends are booked up “around the world.” So, you may want to consider having your party on a weeknight. The dates closest to Christmas Day also tend to fill up fast. Maybe you may want to consider putting on the suit and boots yourself.

Santa Shortage = Opportunity?

As long as you’re putting on the suit, why not take advantage of it and grab some of those seasonal gigs? If you have a belly to go with a real beard, you’re worth your weight in silver and gold this season!


HireSanta may still be able to help – or set you up with a job!

Cameo, a website specializing in personalized videos from celebrities, can hook you up with getting a video or phone call from the Big Guy.

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