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It looks like we weren’t naughty after all – Santa came!

Secret Santa came, and we celebrated the holidays in grand Andrews style! Sorry you couldn’t enter our bubble and join the revelry, but we were thinking about you!

santa came and brought Taryn paints
Santa obviously hit the bullseye for Taryn!

julia receives vases from her secret santa
Julia hasn’t even seen her present yet, but she’s feeling the joy!

jeri unwraps her air plants
Jeri enjoys Santa’s elegant wrapping.

debra enjoys the start of her Christmas village and a book
It takes a Christmas village to raise Debra’s spirits.

diedra enjoys her new poncho
Diedra is now cozy and warm!

santa came and gave Les maple candy
Julia laughs as Les unwraps – what does she know that he doesn’t?

italian potluck
Finally time for the Italian-style potluck. Buon natale!


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