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The QuickBooks Wholesale Discount for Accountants

Right now, Intuit is offering a 30-day free trial and 50% off the first three months (after the trial) of a QuickBooks Online subscription plan for new users.

Did you Know Accountants Who Use QBO Have Access to an Even Better Deal For Their Clients?

That’s right if you sign up for a QBO subscription with your accountant you will be billed at the QuickBooks wholesale price. Only new users of QB without a preexisting subscription are eligible for the wholesale discount. The wholesale price is the same as the three-month 50% off deal, except it lasts forever (or as long as you work with an accountant).

The wholesale discount applies to QBO Essentials, Plus, Advanced and Self-Employed. The only plan that doesn’t work with the wholesale discount is QBO Simple Start. So, it may be more cost-effective to use the 30-day free trial and 50% of the first three months if you will not be working with an accountant. On the other hand, the next tier up in the plans (QBO Essentials) is actually cheaper in the long run than Simple Start when utilizing an accountant. After those 4 months of discounts, the price will be $25 for Simple Start, compared to $20 for Essentials with the wholesale price.

The wholesale discount works the same as the other plans, as you will be charged monthly. But, if you find that QB is not the service for you, there are no commitments. So, canceling is free (when utilizing an accountant).

Lastly, some accountants mark up the wholesale prices for their clients. Here at Andrews Tax Accounting, you are actually getting the wholesale price. The only reason your price may change is that Intuit has been upping the prices for subscription plans relatively frequently (as of the past few years).


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