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Did You Know Intuit Has ProAdvisor Tiers?

There are four tiers that are based on a points system. Silver is 0-199 points. Gold is 200-799 points. Platinum is 800 to 1599 points. The highest tier, Elite is when a ProAdvisor has 1600+ points.

How do ProAdvisors Earn Points?

There are a few ways. A ProAdvisor gets 50 points per client QuickBooks subscription and payroll subscription. To become a ProAdvisor, you must get certified and then right away you get 100 points. Additionally, becoming an advanced ProAdivisor awards you another 200 points.

What’s the Benefit?

There are a few benefits, but the best one by far is advanced product support.

So, What Tier Are We?

Surprise, surprise, we are in the elite tier which was pretty easy to get to because every accountant that works here is a certified ProAdvisor. Not to mention, we blow past the threshold needed for the elite tier with a total of 15,125 points. So, we reap the benefits of the program which includes a direct phone number to advanced QuickBooks support.


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