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Prince of Orange Is January’s Plant of the Month

When you come to the Andrews Accounting office, you’ll notice that Jeri is growing one or two plants. One or two hundred, if you want to quibble. Anyway, we realized that all the humans and dogs in the office appear on our website. So, it seems only fair to include the plants as well. This month we interview the Philodendron Prince of Orange.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Well, I’m a member of the Philodendron family, and we trace our roots – roots, ha ha! – back to the jungles of Central and South America.

How did you come to be Prince of Orange?

Well, let me clear something up – I’m not a part of the House of Orange, the royal family of the Netherlands. And my mother was not Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.

So the title comes from… ?

My beautifully colored leaves. They are a rich yellow when they first appear, then turn a deep orange. Finally, when they are old, er, mature, they turn green. Plus I’m totally regal. (burp) Sorry.

That’s all right.

And let me clear up something else – I do NOT dye my leaves to hide my age. I just have (burp) good genes.

What’s your preferred trip – a ski trip or a sunny beach vacation?

Neither. I’m going to pick the jungle. It’s warm and bright there, but no direct sun. I burn too easily!

What attracted you to the career of office plant?

I didn’t want to be stuck at home – I’m a people person. People plant, I mean. I like to think I provide some comfort and cheer for the clients who come to the office.

Was that what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Actually, when I was little I wanted to be the yellow Power Ranger.

What type of music do you listen to?

Simply Red is a favorite, and Green Day. I’m not sure why; maybe I just go for ‘80s music. Though I like Pink, too.

Color seems important to you – what’s your favorite color?

Tough one, but I’m going to have to say orange.

Favorite holiday?

Halloween. Hey – I never made that connection until now!

Do you have a favorite Halloween costume?

Well, with my orange complexion, it can be tough to find a celebrity to dress up as. But I’ve had some good luck in the last few years.

Do you have a best friend?

Jeri, for sure. She always makes sure I have enough to drink, even if she doesn’t get to drink a whole cup of coffee herself.


Gardening Brain has a guide to caring for the Philodendron Prince of Orange.

Holding Back the Years is from Simply Red’s 1985 debut album and their most successful song.

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