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Scientific Studies Find Plants Make Us Happy and Give Other Benefits

Plants make us happy, according to several studies. And we’re a pretty jolly crew here! So maybe the secret is the huge collection of greenery you’ll find when you visit our office.

Plants Make Us Happy by Lowering Stress

One study shows that interacting with indoor plants can lower psychological and physiological stress. Spending even 20 minutes around plants can bring on a sense of tranquility. And over time, lower stress can translate into lower blood pressure and decreased muscle tension.

Plants Make Us Smarter

Brain scans have shown that plants can boost the ability to pay attention and concentrate. Other studies have shown that students were able to work faster and be more creative when surrounded by plants. They have to be real plants, though. A plastic fern or photo of a ficus isn’t going to cut it. And the data shows the more plants (and the bigger) the better!

Plants Help Us Work

Employees in a workspace with plants take fewer sick days. And in one study, Amazon workers reported more job satisfaction and greater loyalty to the company with plants around them. Hey – is Jeri trying to pull a fast one on the staff?

Plants Make Us Healthier

Being around plants can help you recover faster when you’re sick. And studies show that plants surgery patients heal more quickly and use less pain medication, which makes hospital stays shorter.

Researchers find tending plants can help with a variety of mental difficulties, such as depression, anxiety, dementia, and other conditions. Not saying anything definite about this, but Jeri is the one who takes care of all the plants in our office. But if you need more proof, doctors in England will at times prescribe potted plants to their patients.

Plants help with the atmosphere, too. NASA studies showed plants greatly aid in purifying the air and removing contaminants. Plants can absorb noise and reduce background noise, improving the ambiance. And some plants can increase an indoor space’s humidity, which can be nice during the dry winter months. Some plants can even help with allergies!

Come See the Indoor Garden!

If you haven’t been to our office, drop by and take a look at our large collection of greenery. Most of the plants have labels, so you can lead your own tour! And if a particular plant strikes your fancy, Jeri is often happy to make a cutting for you!


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In the interest of fairness, some people say there can be disadvantages of having indoor plants.

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