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The Andrews Accounting Office Dogs Are Taking Meetings Despite a Hectic Schedule

Emmy and Zuzu, the office dogs at Andrews Tax Accounting, are taking meetings. They may have a tough time squeezing them in – there are naps to take, passersby to bark at. And of course, there are those times when you have to drop everything and scratch. But they are never too busy to meet with client dogs. And if we run out of chairs, they will join visitors on the floor.

Last week, Flower from Tidal Vision took a meeting with Emmy and Zuzu. And this week Raya from Mostar Construction visited, proving it’s never to early to meet with your accountant… ‘s dog.

office dogs taking meetings on the floor
Emmy expresses her professional opinion; Flower from Tidal Vision looks for a second one.

Raya from Mostar Construction
Raya from Mostar Construction is trying to pay attention, but may just fall over and go to sleep instead.

Jeri and Raya
Jeri shows Raya she is a hands-on accountant.

Jeri, Raya and Emmy
But Jeri makes sure Emmy knows she is still a valued part of the team.

Feel free to bring your four-legged personnel to the Andrews Accounting office for a visit! We will drop everything and run from our desks to make a huge fuss – er, that is, greet them with professional courtesy!


Looking for a loyal employee? Look no further than the Whatcom Humane Society. They have many pets looking to share a permanent, loving, responsible home (and office). And you install a micro-chip in your new friend while you’re there!

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