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Artist’s rendering of Julia Ekkelkamp birthday celebration

If It’s Thursday, It Must Be Someone’s Birthday

Julia’s birthday? We’re on it! If there’s one thing we know how to do at Andrews Accounting, it’s celebrate birthdays. And Thursday marked our third party in six weeks!

August 27 was the special day, and fresh-faced accountant (and weekend sumo wrestling referee) Julia Ekkelkamp along with the rest of the crew toasted the occasion at Twin Sisters Brewing Company. With all the practice we’ve had lately, you’d think we’d have some great pictures of Julia’s birthday. And you’d be right! Except, well, we’ve had a lot of practice toasting, too. So no one seemed to have remembered to take any. But we’ve done our best to recreate the mood with the above artist’s rendering!

The next celebration? October 16, the day after the income tax extension filing deadline!


Julia shares her birthday with a former US president and a famous philosopher. To find out who else was born August 27, you can check here.

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