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Andrews Accounting Offers Free Notary Services

Do you need a document notarized? Andrews Accounting has a Notary Public on staff – that’s Les – and we offer free notary services to our clients. You don’t even need to make an appointment. But there are some things that you do need to do.

How to Get Your Document Notarized

Step one, don’t sign it yet! You need to wait and do it in person in front of the notary. After all, he’s swearing that you are who you say you are, and that your signature is valid. Which leads to…

Step two, along with your document, bring your identification. The notary will record your ID information to verify your identity, and also record your address.

Step three, make sure that everyone who is supposed to sign is present, and has their ID as well.

Step four, tell the notary know if the document is going to be copied or scanned. Then he knows where to use his embosser or an inked stamp.

After that, you’ll sign your document. Then you’ll sign the record that says you signed your document in front of the notary.

What type of documents need to be notarized? They can include legal docs such as wills, mechanics liens, prenuptial agreements, or quitclaim deeds, as well as sworn declarations. Some banks and financial institutions wants certain kinds of forms notarized as well.

Special Note

Not only do we have free notary services, we have free candy, too!


Here’s a list of the most common notarized documents.

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