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Should You Use TurboTax or Another Filing Software For Your Taxes?

It depends. People with relatively simple returns should use free filing software because, at the end of the day, it will save them money. On the other hand, many people with simple returns find the use of an accountant puts their mind at ease; knowing a professional has prepared their return.

Here are some pros for using TurboTax or another filing software:

  • It is cheaper than an accountant
  • It informs you of updates to the tax code
  • You can do your taxes anywhere

Here are some cons to using a filing software:

  • You are accountable for the quality of your return
  • You will not know if you input data in the wrong place
  • You have to take time to file your taxes

It really comes down to how complex your taxes are. With the TCJA, many people have sought out an accountant instead of using free filing software. If you are ever unsure of whether to use an accountant or a free filing software, give us a call with most of your tax information handy. Then we can let you know if a free filing software would be best for you.


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