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A Recent Survey by Clutch

Clutch, a research firm, asked three hundred small business owners about their financial concerns to yield the following results.

financial concerns

How could Andrews Tax Accounting assist with these financial concerns?

As small business specialists, we can help.

Starting from the top, we can help you see those unforeseen expenses, for at least the tax world.

Secondly, it is easy to differentiate between personal and business expenses with separate bank accounts (check out “Why Every Business Owner Needs a Business Bank Account” for more information).

For the final three, you only need one solution, QuickBooks Online. Although it cannot pressure clients to pay invoices, QuickBooks is a place to keep track of everything all in one place. Clerical errors won’t vanish but are a lot less likely as well. Additionally, financial records are easier to keep up with especially by linking a bank account to automatically upload transactions.


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