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Decking the Halls Starts the Andrews Xmas-palooza!

Decking the Halls is a key part of celebrating the holidays here at Andrews Tax Accounting. Every Black Friday, everyone of us is either home digesting and/or shopping from the couch. Except for Jeri, who picks out a spectacular Christmas tree (from our friends at the Garden Spot) and sneaks it into the office. Well, we all know she does it, so how sneaky is it, really?

But then the rest of us arrive on Monday morning, and our bleary eyes are brightened by the sight of an evergreen wonder. And then we start in decking the halls!

(L-R) Taryn, Diedra, Jeri, Julia, Debra’s feet, Jessica all go to town

We can see Debra (second from L) this time, and Julia, the shortest of all, winds the garland around the upper branches. Or the medium branches, at least.

Man down! Julia picks up the pieces of an ornament casualty.

Moving to a leadership role, Jeri sits down and watches Jessica do the work.

Debra and Diedra show why they are the Killer D’s when it comes to decking the halls.

Our tree, ready for its closeup!

As you can see, we take the holidays very seriously. (And Les, fourth from the R and who disappeared since the one at the top, makes it into a picture again.)

And while we’re here, we want to wish each and every one of our clients (and anyone who may have landed here by accident looking for a decorator on a search engine) the very happiest of holidays! And we invite you to come by and admire our tree in person, and listen to our various Christmas Pandora stations. And eat candy, of course!


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