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Decking the Halls at the ‘Counting House

We may work in a ‘counting house, but there’s no Scrooge here. OK, it’s accounting office, and it has an open floor plan with no halls. But we’re decking the halls, OK?

Decking the Halls, part 1

The first step is to get a tree, of course. So we head to our favorite tree source (and valued client) The Garden Spot. This year Jeri trusted her troupe of Bob Cratchits to pick out a tree. But she made sure that we had to wait until she came back from a well-deserved vacation to decorate it.

A lot of people end trimming the tree by putting the star at the top. But we knew we’d have a bunch of stuff to negotiate around if we did it that way. And it’s a tall tree! So we decided to start with the star, then to get going on the lights.

decking the halls top down
We have several stars here, but only one on top of the tree

We have a lot of lights

Cat and Taryn wind lights around the tree while Jeri supervises in the background

Still working on the lights. There’s a bunch of strings on there!

Debra is on de-tangling duty

Decking the Halls, part 2

Magically, the lights are on. Next, our secret tree trimming ingredient. (Hint: it’s ribbon.)

decking the halls with lights and ribbon
Les times Debra and Cat’s ribbon winding

We take a break to sing “Emmy, the black-nosed reindeer.”

Emmy gets antlers, and suddenly she’s trying to hide her nose

Decking the Halls, part 3

Next we load up with ornamental ornaments!

Getting to the bottom of the ornament box

All Done Decking

After decking the halls, we commence to enjoying Christmas!

Top (L-R): Taryn, Jeri, Debra; Bottom (L-R): Diedra, Cat, Les


This is what we do when we’re not decking.