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It’s tax season and one of the many ways accountants make it through this busy time is by drinking coffee. So, here at the office, there are four accountants, how many of them do you think drink coffee?

I’ll give you a little help with some fun statistics.

Some Interesting Facts About Coffee

Around 60 percent of people drink coffee daily.

The younger generation drinks less coffee than seniors who drink the most.

You can overdose on coffee if you drink 100 cups in a day.

Coffee has some health benefits like reducing the risk of Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, and type 2 diabetes.

26 percent of coffee drinkers consider themselves addicted, but only 10 percent want to quit or cut down (don’t ask any of our coffee drinkers to quit until after tax season).

Now that you’ve had some statistics, how many of us do you think drink coffee?

Oddly enough, it’s less than the average. Only 50 percent of the accountants here drink coffee (yes only two of us).


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