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How Can QuickBooks Automate Your Small Business?

Automation is a normal part of business life. From signing documents electronically to linking your credit card(s) to QuickBooks bank feed.

How Does Automation Help Small Business Owners?

Automation improves productivity and employee morale by removing tedious tasks. It improves accuracy by avoiding human errors. Ultimately, automation improves communication by keeping everyone on the same page. On another note, QuickBooks allows different views for you, your employees, and your accountant. Then everyone has access to the information they need.

Automate With QuickBooks’ Bank Feed

By connecting your credit or debit card(s) to the bank feed, QuickBooks can then download the last 90 days of transactions from your bank. Next QuickBooks matches preexisting transactions to those that may already be in QuickBooks in which you can then approve. Any transactions not already in QuickBooks come in as new transactions awaiting your approval.

In the “Recognized” tab, QuickBooks sorts out transactions that have a match from everything else. These transactions have a matched record, have a bank rule apply to them, or have been assigned a category in the past has been applied.


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