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Ain’t No Party Like a Very Andrews Christmas Party

We had a very Andrews Christmas once again! We gathered around the tree, which is so fat this year some of us were nearly pushed into the parking lot. After all, the holidays are all about togetherness, but 6 feet apart, please. Still, we managed, because the Secret Santa loot was about to be revealed!

Diedra and Debra get down to being jolly right from the start!
Debra about to discover her new sweater and sweet-smelling candles.

Diedra seems skeptical that an entire 16×20 painting canvas can fit into a box this size. Meanwhile, Julia (left) photobombs with a seasonal message.

Julia scores scented candles to provide nose pleasures until the smell of fresh-baked bread arrives!

Les digs for his gift of gouache paints while Julia, Diedra, Debra and Jeri await the big reveal.

Taryn displays her new earrings – and she already has a spot picked out for them!

Jeri looks into her new decorative glass ball and sees, well, a very swirly future.

Jessica hasn’t even seen her new puzzle yet, but she’s pretty happy about it!

And according to Andrews Christmas tradition, we follow gifting with another important part of the holiday – eating! We locked the doors and left the dogs to answer the phones (never again – you can barely read their phone messages). And we popped over to our harbor neighbor, the Loft, who served us a delicious lunch.

We’re grateful for all our blessings – a leader who fosters such a great work environment, a group that actually likes spending time together, and of course, a group of clients who are a true pleasure to work with. And for the presents!

Happy holidays, one and all!


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