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Jeri was recommended to me by a friend after I relocated from California to Bellingham and opened my acupuncture clinic. She is incredibly knowledgeable with the important details for setting up a small business. Jeri helped me navigate all the required tax information for the state, and city as well as the different filings between the two states of WA and CA. I am so grateful to have her on my team –– if you need tax, accounting, or bookkeeping help, call her today!

Cally Huttar

Owner, Lotus Leaf Acupuncture & Wellness Center

Jeri Andrews is absolutely the best accountant I’ve ever worked with. She not only is extremely knowledgeable on every aspect of taxes and business, but she’s progressive and aggressive in making sure her clients’ needs are met, which in my case was handling all the details I couldn’t keep up with. I highly recommend Jeri and Andrews Tax Accounting! You won’t find a better accountant or receive better service anywhere else. Hands down.

June 5, 2018

Lisa Campbell

Founder & CEO, Mr. Frank's Spice Co.

I’ve had Jeri Andrews as an accountant and bookkeeper for 13 years. She built my business for me, I just did the labor, thank you Jeri 🙂

Lenny Warren

Contractor, A 1 Reglazing

Andrews Accounting is absolutely fantastic. I don’t often encounter professional service that I really feel good about, but this one is great. Highly recommend.

Zach Wilkinson

COO, Tidal Vision

I own three business and have worked with several other accountants before Jeri. Working with Andrews Accounting is like a breath of fresh air. Jeri is the first accountant I’ve ever worked with who actually sees the whole picture with my businesses, does things right the first time, and is not only competent but a true expert at QuickBooks Online. Andrew’s accounting is also very fair and transparent in their billing (which is rare, from my experience – I’ve had other accountants charge me thousands of dollars more than Jeri without even doing as diligent of work). They do everything for us now from bookkeeping to tax filings. I’d say the majority of accountants are stuck in their ways and will end up costing your business in the short and long term. She will also take the time to educate you when necessary, instead of just ‘justifying’ the way ‘things have always been done’. She does things quickly and decisively – whereas 90% of other accountants I’ve encountered aren’t able to be that effective AND charge you while they are tripping over their own feet. I recommend Andrews Accounting to anyone I can.

Craig Kasberg

CEO, Tidal Vision

I have been Andrew’s client for almost 2 years since I opened my business. She is very helpful and always gives me [the] right information to avoid trouble! She is a trustful accountant!

Qing Allen

Owner, Healing Hands Massage & Foot Spa

I have been coming here for a long time Jeri and her team really know their stuff. Super reliable, and all ways friendly.

Alex Smith

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